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Outokumpu classic
Mildly corrosive environment
(PRE up to 17)
Corrosive environments
(PRE 17 up to 22)
Highly corrosive environments
(PRE 22 up to 26)
Outokumpu pro
Duplex & high strength
Extremly corrosive environments
(PRE 27 and above)
High hardness
High service temperature
Improved machinability
Grade family
vs Corrosion resistance (PRE )
PRERP 0.2MPa102132435465200250300350400450500550Core 304/4301Core 305/4303Core 304L/4306Core 201/4618Core 441/4509Core 321/4541Core 304LN/4311Core 301LN/4318Core 201/4372Core 304L/4307Core 301/4310Forta DX 2205Forta DX 2304Forta LDX 2404Forta 316Ti/4571Forta LDX 2101Forta 316/4401Forta 316L/4404Forta 301/4310Forta 301LN/4318Forta H400Forta 304/4301Forta 304L/4307Forta SDX 2507Forta 430/4016Moda 410S/4000Moda 410L/4003Moda 430/4016Moda 409/4512Prodec 304L/4307Prodec 316L/4404Supra 316/4401Supra 316L/4404Supra 444/4521Supra 316Ti/4571Supra 316/4436Supra 316L/4432Supra 316L/4435Therma 253 MATherma 310S/4845Therma 4828Therma 309S/4833Ultra 254 SMOUltra 904LUltra 4565Ultra 654 SMO